VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Pink Tree Peony Clutch by VIDA WqKq4j

VIDA Leather Statement Clutch - Pink Tree Peony Clutch by VIDA WqKq4j
VIDA Leather Statement Clutch - Pink Tree Peony Clutch by VIDA
Minneapolis / Bloomington, MN

Come visit us

10 Rockefeller Plaza , New York , NY 10020 (On 48th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues) Via Subway B, D, F, M to 47-50 Sts

Ph: 646.459.0800
Monday - Thursday 9am - 8pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm
Independence Day 9am - 6pm
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Hey everyone! My name is Ariana and I'm a new Ambassador at Nintendo NY! I can't decide whether I'm a bigger Mario Kart or Zelda fan so I'm going to just say I'm both! When I'm not drifting on Daisy's Cruiser or saving Hyrule, I'm writing novels and watching anime! Nintendo has always been a company close to my heart, so feel free to drop and say hello!

Favorite character: Toad

Currently playing: VIDA Leather Statement Clutch Passion Lily Lthr Clutch by VIDA HxTqAe
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Yo, Andrew Here! I am an Ambassador at Nintendo NY and I have been working for Nintendo for 6 months. I am a lifelong Nintendo fan and have been playing Nintendo games since I can remember. Whether it's saving the world with a baseball cap and bat, or exploring foreign landscapes from the cockpit of a Skell, I am always looking for another adventure. Next time you visit Nintendo NY, make sure you share one of your favorite adventures with me!

Favorite character: Yoshi

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Hi, my name is Christopher, and I have been an ambassador with Nintendo for over a year. My favorite games are Star Fox 64, Chrono trigger, and Mario Odyssey. Currently I spend my time playing Fire Emblem Warriors, usually while I eat my favorite snack, nachos! I just wish I could eat them as fast as my favorite character, Yoshi! I love plenty of other games and characters, so if you are ever visiting Nintendo New York, stop in and tell me about your favorites!

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Hello there! Matthew Alexander at your service! I'm one of the newest ambassadors here at Nintendo NY. I've been playing games since I was young and some of my fondest memories are of playing games on the Nintendo 64 with my older sisters. My favorite franchise by far is The Legend of Zelda (with my favorite of the games being Majora's Mask), but in general I really enjoy platformers, rhythm games and RPGs. My passion in life is voice acting and I truly enjoy being able to entertain others. I love being able to meet all the different people that visit our store from around the world and talk about all sorts of things together. If you're ever in the area don't be shy, drop by and come say 'Hiiii!'

VIDA Tote Bag 26 garden26 by VIDA 682yVi6BF6
VIDA Tote Bag Moon Shadows by VIDA f26bUg1AQX
In coordination with the annual Wawa Welcome America Fourth of July celebration series, Penn Museum will offer free admission to everyone.

10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Penn Museum, 3260 South St.

In conjunction with the Barnes Foundation's Renoir exhibit, exploring the relationship between filmmaker Jean Renoir and his father, Pierre-Auguste, Lightbox Theater screens 1950s romantic comedy “Elena and Her Men,” about a Polish princess, the men so taken with her, and the political implications of their love.


International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut St.

Slought Curator Stephanie Renee facilitates a conversation with J. Michael Harrison, a Philadelphia WRTI radio personality who welcomed under-the-radar spoken word poets and musicians on his program.

7:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

Slought, 4017 Walnut St.

“Eight Hours Don't Make a Day,” clocking in at 478 minutes of running time, is a 1972 German family drama by director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, about social realities in West Germany.


International House, 3701 Chestnut St.

Staff QA with Sara Solomon

Staff QA with Sara Solomon

What exactly does the term “public health” encompass? Sara Solomon, deputy director of the Christian Louboutin Cabata vintage rose gold leather tote uUt5fR
, has perfected her spiel.

“It can be confusing, and it’s something I have to explain to my mom often,” Solomon says with a laugh.

But her elevator pitch is quite simple: “Public health is population-based health as opposed to individual-based.

“We’re looking at improving the health of the population,” she adds, “whether through environmental changes or policies and systems, by looking at trends over time related to the population as a whole.”

Solomon has dedicated much of her professional career to improving the health of populations. After graduating with her master of public health (MPH) from the University of Minnesota, Solomon launched her academic career at Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education. It wasn’t until she landed a gig with the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health—where she led nutrition and physical activity policy initiatives such as the Get Healthy Philly project—that she first began collaborating with the public health community at .

VIDA Statement Clutch Explosion in a Coffee Jar by VIDA 8DoDDeBA
VIDA Foldaway Tote stop action pigeon by VIDA Iy30vkMDe
VIDA Tote Bag angel tote by VIDA ktLYlx

Viola: 41401

Rosetti Ring In The Tides Tote Bag n4Vfv

Original label: "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis / faciebat Anno 1690"

Back: Two-piece

Scroll: original


Varnish: Clear golden-brown


Length of back: 47.8 cm

Length of back:

Upper bouts: 21.9 cm

Upper bouts:

Lower bouts: 27.2 cm

Lower bouts:
VIDA Statement Clutch Queen of roses by VIDA 1f7BR


"This is the only instrument remaining completely in its original form. The neck, fingerboard, pegs, bridge, tailpiece and end-button are original. The instrument type -- a large viola -- was already obsolete when it was delivered to the Duke, so the instrument was rarely played. In 1863, it was offered to the Regio Isituto Musicale of Florence, now the Instituto Cherubini, where it has been ever since."

Capolavori di Antonio Stradivari , Charles Beare, Charles Beare, Capolavori di Antonio Stradivari, Milan

Illustrated in The Strad, Dec. 1987.

How Many Strads? , Doring, Bein Fushi, Doring, Bein Fushi, How Many Strads? (1999 edition), Chicago

Around 1877, Giuseppe Scarampella, the curator of the Instituto Cherubini, opened the instrument to repair some worm-beetle damage, and discovered that a large patch had been inserted in the belly with the notation in Stradivari's handwriting: "Correto da me Antonius Stradivarius". Apparently Stradivari had made the belly to thin and had to later reinforce it.

How Many Strads? - Supplemental Remarks , Ernest N. Doring, Violins Violinists, October-November, 1945, Chicago

". . . the Medici tenor viola [is] probably the only instrument [by Stradivari] to have its original bass-bar."

The 'Secrets' of Stradivari , Simone F. Sacconi, The 'Secrets' of Stradivari, Cremona

VIDA Statement Clutch Mino the folk art cat 2 by VIDA Hsxth9Q
VIDA Leather Accent Tag highland8 by VIDA eO1UoJr69U



Arte Liuteria, 1985, No. 2



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